Inmining : Evolution of the mining industry

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By : Abali Ikulu

As we know ,more and more investors are getting involve in the mining industry and this requires a new look at the economics of mining Enterprise ,due to the unique condition of the placement in special economic zone ,somewhere in "ALABUGA " mining data center work in the mining market more efficient affordable and safer . meaning the thing is getting bigger all over the world .
Inmining operates on the tokenomics business model with element of ramification. It was said hat the previous generation of mining project offered investing in physical assets for example ,remotely purchase equipment and place it in a mining hotel or rent computing power data centers ( the so called cloud mining) in both cases , the investor enters into a fixed price contract for a particular service. Unlike cloud mining and mining hotels Inmining tokenized it's assets and sells utility-tokens INMG. INMG are backed by high tech-equipment from Bitfury and digital assets is here a cryptocurrency ,produced in the data center. Given the computing power electricity cost and the growing complexity of the bitcoin network each module of the Inmining data center will be ,it seems able to produce about a fabulous 56 bitcoin in a year after it starts. which is scheduled for early 2020.
The Inmining selling tokens will take place on the world cryptocurrency exchange Coinlead in several rouNds . Their starting price will be at less than $0,1 and will grow as the token are sold . Investors that we are may have a 20% discount for our token purchase . after the IEO Inmining will be listed on Coinlead and other currency exchange, this to ensure the free circulation of INMG . to enter the mining system seems simple at first in practice those who wish to start making on computing emerging market have to deal with a wide list of components and mining machines. To study cooling characteristics, why not choosing the jurisdiction of most optimal in term of electricity prices and regulation for mining ,engage in customs tax,transport issues. Inmining is an efficient and secure way into the mining industry bringing a necessary liquidity and thane ability to quickly enter and exit assets . Presently they have chosen to host data center "SEZ, ALABUGA" located in Russia in a most successful special economic zone.
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