Is Volatile the new stable for Bitcoin ?

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Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:20 am

By : Abali Ikulu

In case we haven't notice the price of bitcoin has jumped around quite a lot recently,it's been at six-month highs and lows within the past two weeks alone .And it's moved away from the price it was trading at back at the start 2019 .with barely two weeks left to go .We can't even say with any confidence that we know what kind of value it will be trading at when we move into 2020,If we are one of the adventurous sort,trading in bitcoin has probably never been more exciting if we are the kind of investors who prefer stability or predictability ,though the past one on two months have probably had our heart racing.
While there has always been an element of instability ,volatility about bitcoin in the past ,growth has always been relatively predictable.Values has gone up and down ,but the general trend of the currency has been to increase in value even it is dips sharply for few days or weeks only a volatile currency could start the decade worth less than a dollar and end it worth several thousand. but it's easier to sell both the currency and the general idea of crypto to people when can point to a chart that show almost constant growth.
When that picture changes ,it only serves reinforce the stereotype that people have in their heads about crypto.,it is not a real currency ,it's not to be trusted and it can't take the place of coins and cash. We all know that to be untrue but we are dealing with a system full of people who believe otherwise.
Nobody knows where bitcoin will be twelve months from now, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. The only thing for certain about this cryptocurrency is that nothing 's for certain. What we do know though is that the next year set to be wild,bumpy ride, make sure to fastened our seat-belt.
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