Why Bitcoin so expensive ?

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Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:43 am

By : Abali Ikulu

Bitcoin is so expensive for several reasons : A limited number of token in 21 million, according to calculations ,the last bitcoin will be mined by miners in 2040, every 4 years there is a halving and reward to miners is reduced by 2 times. The anonymity of the transactions. We can transfer any amount and our wallet will never be able to track supply and demand. the more people buy it the more expensive it is. The speed of transactions when compared to Bank transfer .Any one can take a loan in Bitcoin and pay them in stores
One of the essential reason why Bitcoin is so expensive is because of its high worldwide use due to it's cost of mining due to the increase of its own technology and blockchain ,also being a non-palpable asset make it a kind of financial dynamite which many can acquire freely.
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