Discover passive income with crypto.

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Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:26 am

By : Abali Ikulu

With this topic we gonna discuss about some methods to generate interest with cryptocurrencies .
Probably a good mix of these methods below can provide us with significant profit margin.
Prat 1.
2. Airdrop.
Part 2
1. Lending
2. Content creation
3. Running a lightning network
What we have to now is that diversifying our investment practices can be a good approach for reducing risk and increase our cryptocurrency funds.
What is staking ?
Staking can be consider as essentially freezing some of our cryptocurrencies on our exchange wallet to get rewards ( interest ), Unfortunately only some crypto allow staking as there are based on the stake consensus mechanism they call it ( PoS) ,The other coins are not concern.
Stellar( XLM) , Algorand(ALGO) , NEO ( GAS ) , Ontology (NGO ) , Vechain (VTHO) , Tron ( BTT) ,
Komodo ( KM) Stratis ( STRAT ), AND Qtum ( QTUM ) are coins that can be stake. Generally investing large amount of stake coins can make someone be chosen as a validator for the next block, people earn faster ,depending on the exchange platform, a very high annual interest rate can be guarantee ranging from 1% to 80% when compare to the interest generated by traditional financial assets . Staking can be a good way to increase the funds in our crypto wallet with minimum commitment, what is requires is just keep your tokens on the exchange without transferring or converting them and the platform will take care of all the technical aspect that will lead those cryptocurrencies to generate interest for you.
Airdrop :
In the cryptocurrencies and blockchain world ,the term "Airdrop" refers to the free distribution of digital currencies to the public . as for us who work in Cryptoknowmics company we know about it. Airdrop are easy way to create an income when only if you have patience. There are various type of Airdrop but most pass through ICO and IEO, some are of higher value, most are of few value. most have delayed payment procedure ,few has fast payment procedure system. . Actually is you want to take part of them you can contact or other platform that deal with such business. Thank you for reading
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