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Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:13 am

By : Abali Ikulu

As we know buying cryptocurrency is one of the high-yield strategies ever. Digital assets have surpassed all the investment products in terms of investment efficiency,so despite the fact that Bitcoin appeared 10 years ago most people learn about the currency of the new generation since only 2017.
The previous year delivered hard times for traders and investors as well too, who did not assess the situation in the market correctly mostly with the introduction of the new Bitcoin cash, some connected collapse of price ,while the other accused certain exchange platform ,other blaming the hack attack on the mining giant BItmain for unfavorable changes in the market .whatever it was any negative news affect the price decline or rise !
It is known that to get huge profit and not to lose savings ,we ,or the one should compose the investment portfolio in competent way rest to understand that the return in directly proportional to the risk ,the higher the profit the more likely to throw good money after bad !
Some aspects of this facts should be taken into consideration when we compile our investment portfolio
At first : let us talk about Capitalization, than Liquidity,Exchange rate, stability ,volatility and then prospect for growth and decline .
To get profit the diversification of risks may be of great need, for instance , to avoid too big losses ,almost 80% of our capital should be invested in stable currencies and less than 20%in promising and profitable Unfortunately,the crypto industry is so unpredictable that it is impossible to forecast the final result. We must estimate the volatility and rely on liquidity. Capitalization and prospects are two indicators that can be used to create an investment portfolio..
In the crypto industry we use to find promising crypto and expensive coins.
for e.g Ripple, NEM,IOTA,STRATIS,WAVES,NEO,EOS, and others are classify as promising crypto.
while : Bitcoin , Ethereum XRP, LITECOIN,BITCOIN CASH ,BINANCE COIN, TETHER,STELLAR and other are considered as expensive coins
So when making an investment portfolio it is advisable to select several cryptocurrencies from the list of promising and expensive coins ,thus , the stake of the first ones will bring profit,while investment in the second ones will cover the risks. see it ?
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