CFIX by Hashcash Gets Listed on Top UAE Exchange Bitstump

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William D. Baltzell
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Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:04 pm


As USA's Hashcash is gearing up to launch CFIX, it's brand new digital currency; the company has announced that it will be introduced to Bitstump too and will be listed on the UAE exchange.

The date of CFIX launching is April 2nd, and it would be listed on the major exchanges all across the globe. This is done in order to expand the geographical horizon and help traders from all around the world to access CFIX and trade it without a hitch.

Raj Choudhary, the CEO of CFIX, has stated :
"The crypto industry is booming in UAE, with investors and even common traders in the region showing significant interest in digital asset trading. Bitrump possesses both reliability and credibility in the industry and amongst the traders in the region, which are exactly what we as a company are seeking in an exchange for CFIX listing."
Hashcash is really optimistic about its new currency and calls it their divergent crypto by virtue of it at unique design. CFIX is backed by an inverse traded fund. It shares an inverse peg relationship with the S & P 500 market index, which would make the product constant even if the market turns bearish.

CFIX comes parked with tether (USDT) and runs on blockchain technology like pretty much every other cryptocurrency. This adds the essential tools of transparency, security and increases security needs for a cryptocurrency to thrive.

Hashcash is taking all the measures to maintain and improve the trust relationship with its traders. CFIX is pretty handy for real-life settlements, and the company will keep all the information available and transparent for the traders to feel secure.

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